To my American friends..

This one’s gonna be in English, just in case anyone from my past decides to google me. And to end all supposed hater-comments that I write half-english, half-romanians. Not that I care :))

Anyhow, I’ve spent some years in Oak Ridge TN.. 2001-2003, if I’m not mistaken. Hard to forget the first year, as I left Romania after 9/11.. still can’t believe it really happened. Not 9/11, but the whole American story seems like a dream. Thankfully, I still have some memories to remind me it wasn’t, and when I can’t rely on my brains, if ever, I always have Facebook. And a friend I will never unfriend, Dessie, my bff while I was in the States.
I often used to google people I loved back then, my friends or school colleagues, John – my mom’s boss who passed last year – and his family that felt a bit like mine when I was 16..17..18 šŸ™‚
Can’t believe how young I was. I’ll blink twice and my son will turn that age. Oh, yeah, I have a son. Hopefully I’ll have one more child, if I reorganize a bit my life, my body and my marriage. Shit, I am married also. Hard to imagine what I’d think of myself if I was living half a life ago. Yeah, it’s been that long. I used to be 16, now I’m 32..
I miss some of you terribly. Been in touch with some, unfriended most when I decided to keep in touch only with the ones I speak to regularly – except Dess, cuz she’s my one friend that really stood by me when I was the biggest bitch evah!
Wish I knew what you’re up to.. Peter.. Helen.. Addy+Gina.. hope you are happy!
I’m pretty happy. I have a nice family and a home and a job and a meaning. Sure, things could be better and I fantasize about a new adventure, or country, or even a new city. I hear heart-breaking stories about abuse in the educational or health systems in Romania and feel like fleeing, but stay because I still believe I can change some things and hope I’ll survive glamorously as I have so far.
I’d miss my family and friends. As I miss those who are gone, traveling or living elsewhere in this connected, yet so distant, world of ours.
I’ll always love to hear from you, my friends, be you from America, Mexico, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, Germany (except if you’re Sebastian, then I want nothin’ from you! Haha, blast from the past).. here’s a thought to myself, may I visit South America one day. That’s be nice. Maybe even live somewhere for a while. How about that?!
Anyways, write me a (kind) word! Hope you are happy!

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